CONCORD, N.C. Shorty, the furry pooch that grabbed national attention because of his remarkable story of survival, is weeks away from being reunited with his family in Louisiana.

After he was found walking along side a road in Cabarrus County, Shorty was taken to the Cabarrus Animal Hospital where Dr. Blake Peurifoy scanned his microchip linking him back to Louisiana.

First there was a call from the monitoring chip company, said Ron Jackson about his long lost friend Shorty. I said oh my gosh, I can t believe it .

Jackson adopted Shorty in November of 2006, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In August of 2008 Hurricane Gustav was threatening the devastated area once again. Jackson and his family headed to North Carolina to find shelter in Charlotte with loved ones.

We d just put things back together after Katrina, explained Jackson on the decision to give Shorty up for adoption. It was hard, he continued.

Jackson and his family thought after all these years, Shorty had passed away.

The kids all thought he had died.

But Shorty was alive, and had been adopted by a Concord family.

Ta layza Miller and her Grandmother, Oclisha Miller, told NewsChannel 36 Shorty had been missing since September 10 when they allowed him outside and he wandered off.

I was going out of my mind, and my neighbor tried to calm me down. I just didn t want anyone to put him down thinking he was that sick, said Oclisha.

The family never knew Shorty had a microchip.

I do want him back, but since they lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and they lost him... I wouldn t mind them keeping him or anything because it was their dog first, said 15-year-old Ta layza Miller.

According to Dr. Peurifoy, Shorty has a heart murmur and a serious oral disease that needs to be treated before he can be reunited with Jackson.

This was like a ray of hope or something that we never thought could happen, said Jackson. We never thought we would see Shorty again.

According to Dr. Peurifoy, Shorty will receive surgery either this week or next, and then need a week to recover. Dr. Peurifoy says the $2,000+ veterinarian bill will be free of charge. According to him, several corporations and organizations have offered to re-unite Shorty with his Louisiana family.

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