CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's an end of an era.

The company that makes one of America's most recognizable treats, the Twinkie, is going out of business.

Hostess has decided to shut down all of its operations nationwide. There are a host of reasons people are upset about the announcement from hostess.

What is it about the Twinkie? Oh it s everything -- the cream, it s wonderful, said Matt Yoder said, it will be weird to go to the convenience store and not see them sitting on the rack, he said.

The recording at the company s North Carolina headquarters doesn't pull any punches.

Hostess brands has closed all of its brands and ceased operations. If you are an employee please do not come to work, it said.

The leaders of the iconic company blame striking union workers that refused to come back to work.

Hostess CEO, Gregory Raybum said, I think unfortunately the leadership of that union led their members to believe there was a buyer in the wings even though there is no buyer.

Now more than 18,000 workers nationwide are out of work, including 5 people at a regional office here in Charlotte. The only Twinkies left to be had are the ones on the shelves.

NBC Charlotte spotted some more fully stocked than others.

I thought it was a shame, I really did.. that a tradition that s been around for as many years as its been around would go away but I don t think it will go away, said Don Olin.

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