MOUNTULLA, N.C. -- Authorities are investigating what caused an experimentalplane to crash onto private property Saturday morning.

The crash happened around 10:42 a.m. on Triplett Road. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) tells NBCCharlotte, two passengers were on board the plane.

The crash happened on a private air strip. According to the property owner there, the plane wasmisfiring while in the air.

Both passengers were injured. One of the passengers was able to crawl away from the wreckage. NBCCharlotte has learnedthat one passengerwas was airlifted and the other was transported to the hospital.

It's unclear what caused the experimenal HansenRV-4 aircraft to crash. NBCCharlotte has learned the owner of the plane is Brett Hannaford of Harrisburg, he was also on board during the crash. Still no word on the identity of the other passenger.

According to the FAA, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will determine the probable cause of the crash.

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