PINEVILLE, N.C. -- One of the two cockatoos stolen from a Pineville pet store has been found safe, according to a store manager.

A man and pregnant woman walked into the Parrot University store at 321 South Polk Street in mid November and stole the two rare birds

Debbie Foster, who has worked as a parrot trainer at the store for years, says the suspects pretended to be customers.

Foster and the store owner were able to track down the bird at a Winston-Salem grooming and boarding facility for animals.

The second cockatoo is sill missing. Several leads are currently being investigated and there is still a reward being offered for her return or for information leading to the birds return.

Authorities have not yet found the man and woman accused of stealing the birds.

If anyone has information to this case they're asked to call the Pineville Police Department at 704-889-7867 or Parrot University at 704-889-2325 to report information.

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