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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- In Marshall Park Tuesday evening 26 luminaries cast a glow over the photos of children and teachers gunned down 700 miles away.

Many of the people who attended the vigil know gun violence all too well. The vigil was organized by Mothers of Murdered Offspring.

I lost my daughter last year to an act of senseless violence and I can feel for the parents that lost these kids, said one mother.

Teachers and children lit candles for the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School. And with the Duke Energy building sporting the school colors of Sandy Hook Elementary, 26 balloons were released into the night.

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx attended and who joined the call for more to be done to prevent gun violence.

These children scream for justice and it's time to talk about it and it's time to do something about it, said one man who attended the vigil.

Hyatt Guns in Charlotte bills itself as America's largest independent gun shop. The owner says he's seen a huge surge in sales.

It's fear that new legislation might come in and prevent them from buying one, said owner Larry Hyatt.

Hyatt Guns sells an arsenal of guns, but you won't find many customers who want to talk about gun control. We couldn't find a single one Tuesday night.

Passing a feel good law that doesn't do anything but take away some guns that look meaner than other guns is not gonna stop someone with a severe mental illness that goes off a deep end and does these horrible, horrible things, Hyatt said. The day they pass such a law, our children would not be one bit safer.

In Charlotte and across the country Dick's Sporting Goods suspended the sale of so-called modern sporting rifles during this time of mourning.

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