GASTONCOUNTY, N.C. -- Authorities say no students were injured when a Gaston County school bus was fired upon by a BBgun on Wednesday afternoon.

Bonnie Reidy, a spokesperson for the school says bus number 77 had a window shot out Wednesday afternoon by a BB gun.

The shooting happend around 4 p.m. in the Stone River Parkway-area in the River Park subdivision in Mount Holly.

The bus, according to Reidy, serves East Gaston High and Mt. Holly Middle Schools.

No students were injured, and authorities have contacted all the parents with students on the bus.

The Mount Holly Police Department says two juveniles ages 11 and 13 fired the BB gun at the bus. Both minors involved were interviewed by police and turned over to their parents.

The information will be forwarded to the Gaston County District Attorney's Office on Thursday for review, and police say the case is still under investigation.

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