Here is a list of provided flu case numbers and information over the last few weeks:

- The UNC Charlotte Student Health Center saw 30 flu cases in the last weeks before the holidays specifically, the 3rd 21st of December.

- Queens University students returned on Monday. So far, 6-8 suspected cases.

- Wingate Univeristy has roughly 8-10 right now, on average, but they expect the numbers to rise.

- The most recent report from the state dated December 29 shows a slight decline in the number of cases of flu in Region 7, which includes Cabarrus County . A new report will be released Thursday afternoon.

- Winthrop University had 27 cases before winter break and has seen three cases since the new semester began.

- 14 people have died from the flu in North Carolina.

- 15 people died from the flu in South Carolina last year.

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