HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- Seven people were injured, two seriously, when two SUVs crashed on Gilead Road in Huntersville Saturday afternoon.

Rescue workers blocked the 8400 block of Gilead Road for an hour-and-a-half while they cleared the wreckage from the crash, which happened in front of Luke Stasky s home just before 3:30 p.m.

It was a squeal of the tires and then a loud bang, said Stasky, 15. We knew right away it was a crash.

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Stasky and his father were behind their home building a fence. They ran to help. Stasky found a 13-year-old girl trapped in the back of her mother s SUV, because the passenger-side door wouldn t open.

While others tried to figure out what to do, Stasky crawled into the car to free the girl.

It was all smoke and stuff inside the car, and I actually got the side door open, he said. Another man helped him move the girl out.

He knew from Boy Scout first aid training that you shouldn t move a victim that s not in immediate danger, but the smoke worried him.

I was just hoping the car wouldn't catch on fire or anything like that, he said, so I was just like, fast as I could, get her out.

Stasky s mother and grandmother took over caring for the girl once she was out of the car.

She was pretty scared. We helped her out of the car and she just kind of still trying to figure out what had happened, he said.

Huntersville police are still investigating why the SUV the girl was in crossed the center line before the crash. Investigators will check her mother s cell phone to make sure she wasn t texting, said Sgt. Bryant Gantt.

Police have also not released the victims names as of Saturday night, but said all were still in the hospital. MEDIC had classified two of the injuries as life-threatening after the crash.

Stasky s and his mother remarked that the accident is a sobering reminder as Stasky trains to get his own license that driving is serious business.

It s just surprising how quick something can happen, he said.

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