CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- President Obama is set to unveil potentially new semi-automatic gun and magazine restrictions or bans Wednesday in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The move comes after Vice President Joe Biden gave President Obama his recommendations on how to reduce gun violence. Those recommendations, according to various publications, could include stricter gun background checks and closing loopholes.

Inside Shooters Express in Belmont, a father and son take turn firing semi-automatic rifles, similar to the one used in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Each bullet comes out as fast as they can pull the trigger.

One a second probably. You listened to it, it was quick, said the dad, who didn t want us to use his name.

This is the standard assault weapon round, he said, showing the ammunition.

Experts say you can find handgun magazines that hold 10 to 17 bullets on average and 10 to 30 bullets on average for semi-automatic rifles.

The larger capacities firing more bullets are expected to be one of several items restricted in the wake of the school tragedy.

Larry Hyatt, who owns Hyatt Gun Shop, doesn't think restricting magazine sizes makes a difference.

A criminal with two, three or 10 magazines, it's only going to take him a couple of seconds longer to shoot all the ammunition than with a larger magazine, and that's not going to protect our children, he said.

It takes him less than two seconds to reload.

All you have to do is press the button and put another one in.

President Obama has also mentioned reinstating the assault weapons ban.

Starting in 1994, it in part prohibited the manufacture for civilian use of large magazines and certain semi-automatic weapons.

The ban ended in 2004.

If the assault weapon ban is reinstated, it would mean several types of guns at Hyatt Gun Shop could no longer be sold.

That s why gun stores are packed.

People are buying guns and magazines today that they might not be able to in days, weeks or months from now.

People are thinking is it good to disarm America, and a lot of people think this assault rifle-so-called-ban is really the first step in implementing a lot more stringent laws as time passes, Hyatt said.

How semi-automatic guns look has also become an issue. They're more like military and police weapons, which are fully automatic and empty magazines with one pull of the trigger.

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