GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) -- A South Carolina man who avoided prison in a 2009 car crash that killed a Greenville homeowner has pleaded guilty to a criminal domestic violence charge.

A judge on Monday sentenced 40-year-old John Ludwig to the time he already had served.

Ludwig pleaded guilty in 2009 to reckless homicide. Authorities said the once-wealthy businessman's Maserati hurtled through a field at speeds of at least 85 mph, launched off an embankment and plowed into the back of 62-year-old Frederic Bardsley's home, killing him.

Sentenced to probation in that case, Ludwig was arrested again in 2011 and charged with hitting his wife during a fight. Last year, a judge revoked the probationary sentence and sent Ludwig to prison for three years.

Ludwig is eligible for parole in March.

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