CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- On Sunday night, the White House sent out a seven-page list of stuff that'll go away nationally, and in North Carolina because of automatic spending cuts.

It's called The Sequester , and the White House says it'll hurt.

Brian Deese, deputy director of the National Economic Council says, The problem here is that the sequester is indiscriminate, it's across the board, it will stand in the way of our economy improving.

If nothing happens, according to the White House, 350 teachers and teachers' aides in North Carolina could lose their jobs.

22,000 Department of Defense workers in North Carolina would be furloughed.

And child care funding would go away for 1300 kids.

There's more: everything from airports to vaccines, to meals for seniors.

One of our local republican congressmen says all of this is actually not as bad as it sounds.

There has been a tremendous hysteria put on by President Obama and his administration to try and get people all worked up, says Robert Pittenger, That's really not reality. Yes, you're going to see some inconvenience, but nothing compared to what's being conveyed.

Pittenger says the bigger, more painful cuts have to be made to entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Spending has been a trillion dollars more into the deficit every single year now for the last four years, Pittenger stated, We can't continue that, people in their homes don't operate like that.

The issue is, if you try to do all the deficit reduction on the spending side, it forces you to make cuts to programs like Medicare that are so deep that you start to undermine the basic promise that those programs make to our seniors and our children, Deese continued.

The deadline to come up with something to avoid The Sequester is this Friday.

So why do we even have this deadline? Back in 2011, Congress passed a law meant to try and reduce the deficit by four-trillion dollars. If they didn't do it by March 1, 2013, these cuts would go into effect automatically.

The idea was that the cuts would be so bad, that Congress and the President would have to work together on a better idea. They haven't.

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