A new survey finds people who share personal information and opinions on Facebook site can risk their job security and put their workplace relationships in danger.

Fierce, Inc., a leadership development and training company, found that nearly one-third of workers have witnessed or know of a coworker reprimanded for an inappropriate Facebook post. Forty percent engage in some kind of inappropriate communication with a co-worker, such as gossiping or flirting, which can put their professional reputations at risk.

Other findings:

  • 51.1 percent of employees say Facebook is ineffective at enhancing work relationships. Of those, 16.3 percent noted that shared opinions cause loss of respect for coworkers.
  • 53.2 percent of employees feel uncomfortable accepting a friend request from a manager.
  • 17.9 percent note that coworkers sharing of personal information is uncomfortable.
  • 22.6 percent admit Facebook negatively impacts their productivity.

The report found that more than 80 percent of workers log into Facebook, but more than half of all companies have no social media policy.

Organizations should think very, very carefully about forbidding any communication or potential team-building tools in the office, whether it be Facebook, sports fantasy leagues, or political conversations, said Halley Bock, CEO and president of Fierce, Inc.

Fierce recommends that companies should look at whether it s appropriate for managers to send friend requests to employees, discuss with employees what is and is not appropriate to post on Facebook, and how much time should be spent at work posting on the site.

Fierce surveyed nearly 800 executives and employees in multiple fields.

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