WAXHAW, N.C. -- The fight for a local historic district continues in Waxhaw after a historic building was demolished without the mayor's knowledge.

Mayor Daune Gardner toured the town Monday with other town leaders to identify several structures that could be considered at-risk and possibly subject to demolition.

Currently, more than 90 properties in the city limits are in the National Register of Historic Places, but the town wants to make a local historic district, which would enable the town to identify any structure that could be considered a landmark. Then, the town would have as much as a year to work with a property owner to salvage the structure.

The mayor called for the meeting after a building that was considered historic was demolished without Gardner knowing about it.

The owner didn't do anything wrong and had every right to do what they did, but we just wanted a chance to preserve that building, Gardner said. They all mean so much to our community.

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