CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It was another traumatic day for the students at Ashley Park Elementary School.

Friday afternoon a teacher discovered that one of her 8th grade students hid a gun in his book-bag.

We were able to pick up on the behavior of a student that was very peculiar, because of the hunch of that teacher. We were able to recover a weapon, said Millard House the Chief Operating Officer of Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.

Around noon on Monday, the school was placed on lockdown. Students like Zarya Brooks were frightened.

I don't know what's going on, said the 5th grader. They came into the classroom and searched everyone and they searched everyone's book-bags, everyone is kind of like upset.

Zarya's mother is upset because she is not sure her daughter is safe at the school. This is the second major incident, last week a student stabbed another with a pair of scissors.

If I don't know she's going to be ok, I'm not going to continue to lie to her and say yeah you're going to be ok, when I don't know that for sure, said Shakira Anderson. I keep telling her you're ok, you're ok, but things continue to happen.

Some parents think part of the problem is the school is K-8, which means it's both a middle and elementary school.

They got 8th graders with pre-K that doesn't make any sense, why would you have such big kids with little kids, I don't understand that, said Antoinette Marchena, a parent.

Some parents were also upset with the pace of information, believing the district should have informed them sooner.

Officials say their main concern was securing the school first, then providing accurate information.

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