CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Mecklenburg County Health Department said on Friday there is no evidence that transmission of Tuberculosis occurred at South Meck High School.

Health officials said that 33 people from South Meck were tested for TB after a student tested positive for the illness.

All 33 showed no evidence of contracting the illness and that there is no need for testing of additional students or faculty, health officials said in a statement.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials confirmed to NBC Charlotte last week that a student tested positive for TB at South Meck, but stopped short of saying when the discovery was made or the grade of the student.

According to the Mecklenburg Health Department, the TB bacteria are only transferable if you re in contact with an infected person for a certain amount of time.

Health officials estimate 25-35 adults get Tuberculosis in Mecklenburg County every year.

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