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CHARLOTTE,N.C. -- Uptown was buzzing with activity Tuesday.

Crews from the hit show Homeland were seen filming scenes for its third season in Charlotte.

It was hard to miss the production trucks lined up along the block near the Capitol Grille.

As expected, story plot lines and details are being kept under tight wraps. A representative of the show did say they were happy to be back in Charlotte.

To see photos of the set-up inside, click here.

Jennifer Peltier says she is a fan of the show, and was excited to see it was being filmed near where she works.

It's exciting. I can't wait for the new season to start. I wish I could see the stars, but I haven't seen them yet, she said.

Friends Brendan Shea and Donna MacKay were among the lucky ones. They spotted Homeland's star, Claire Danes, and immediately pulled out their cell phones to capture photos.

I guess it s my introduction to being a paparazzi, says Shea, an attorney who works nearby.

We came down and saw the equipment and saw the buzz going on, decided to take a walk down the street a little, then we saw Claire Danes come out. She grabbed something at the food stand and she was being ushered around with somebody with a script, he said.

Just very excited. Loved to get to see Homeland. It's fun to watch the show and get to pick out where they are, said MacKay.

John Gayles has been a fourth ward resident for eight years. Despite some traffic and congestion, he tells NBC Charlotte he welcomes the hustle and bustle that comes with the territory.

I'm elated to see it, because with me, the baseball stadium, the building, the filming, all the conventions and everything-- it helps my property value, he said.

Crews also set up inside the newsroom of the Charlotte Observer. The pictures reveal how the show's production crew pulled out all the stops when transforming the newsroom for the cameras.

With so much buzz join around, banker Chris Carmichael is considering checking out an episode.

I'm going home and Netflix it tonight. I'm going to start watching the whole thing, he laughed.

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