CHARLOTTE, N.C. Tuesday, the University of North Carolina Charlotte named the stadium that its first-ever team will play on.

When the 49ers suit-up for their first home game this August versus Campbell, they ll hit the field in Jerry Richardson Stadium.

Head coach Brad Lambert said the excitement continues to build as they get closer to the first-ever game for the 49ers football team.

Having a man of Mr. Richardson's stature in football in this city put his name on it is really exciting for us, Coach Lambert exclaimed.

Richardson gave the school an endowment of $10 million and said that he approached the university because he wanted to help continue to create a culture of winning and becoming better .

Richardson also announced that he and his wife are setting up an annual athletic scholarship for a football player.

It s important for the athletics program to have scholarships, and I'm glad we were able to do one in Jon s honor.

Jon Richardson is Jerry s son.

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