CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- With the holiday season in full effect, large numbers of people are enjoying their time by tossing back a few cold ones. Now dozens of products are on the market touting the ability to forewarn consumers that they may have had too much to drink.

They are called mobile breathe analyzers, or BAC devices, and they claim that they will give you a reading for the presence of alcohol by letting you know your estimated blood alcohol level.

But NBC Charlotte found out that while the devices are cute and some may give you an estimated level of alcohol in your system, you might not want to rely too heavily on them.

They are perfectly fine if you want to have these and use them, but no way should you use these things and think you are going to be [saved] from having DWI charges of the result of this machine. said Mark Jetton Jr. of the Jetton & Meredith Law firm in Charlotte. Don't get to the point where you re relying on that, thinking, Well since I was under our legal limit I'm free to drive. he said.

The mobile devices, which can cost as little as a few bucks to as much as $80 in some stores, will not help you if it reads that you are under the legal limit and are stopped by police, and definitely not in a court of law.
Those in the know said that the best thing to do is use the devices for fun, but if you plan to drink, just leave the car keys at home.

From my experience, from doing a ton of DWI, they never hold up in court. Consumers, people that are buying these things need to be aware of that, Jetton said.

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