CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Snow and ice coated the roads in Charlotte and the surrounding areas Wednesday.

Vehicles came to a standstill in the afternoon where I-277 changes to Independence Boulevard at the Brier Creek exit. A line of vehicles stretched miles down the road.

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At one point, one person was caught on camera getting out of his car and walking down the street. Several other people did the same.

The outbound lanes of Independence closed around 2 p.m. Police cars were seen driving the in the opposite way of traffic. By 4 p.m., the mess of cars cleared the roadway and the bus lane was emptied. Police completely blocked Indepedence Blvd. to allow for crews to clear the ramps. All ramps reopened around 5 p.m.

Independence Blvd. emptied after traffic mess

No serious injuries were reported but the conditions created a significant traffic mess.

NCDOT says they re doing their best to keep roads clear, but people are urged to stay home. Indepedence Boulevard, a primary road, is even better than crews expect secondary roads to be. As said many times, officials say the worst is yet to come.

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