MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. -- The pothole-filled stretch of I-485 in Pineville will be repaired soon because it s in a construction zone, but potholes in other areas typically aren t filled until Spring unless they are driving hazards, NCDOT officials said Saturday.

There are so many potholes in that stretch of inbound I-485 near I-77 that it s impossible to count them all as you drive over them.

It feels like your tire is blowing out, driver Travis Vermillion said.

To some drivers it's just plain scary.

Because you have to stay way apart from the other car in front of you because everybody ahead of you, they start slamming on their brakes, Stephanie Porter said.

The concern is, you prepare for it, prepare to swerve and hope the guy going next to you knows where it is too so you don't wipe somebody out, Vermillion said.

This week's storm made existing potholes worse and created plenty of new ones.

Water, snow and ice seep into the pavement. When it re-freezes it expands and the asphalt heaves up, causing cracks. Tires dig into them, chunks come out and presto, you've got a pothole.

It means Winter is hell on wheels.

It's tearing tires up, driver Nick Stevens said.

Once you hit that dip and come out, now you are sliding, said O.J. Jones.

Help is coming soon.

Saturday, NCDOT officials say because this stretch is in a construction zone, part of the widening of I-485, the contractor will be making repairs soon.

You can see swatches of darker asphalt where they did the same thing a couple weeks ago.

But overall, the NCDOT says pothole repairs typically don't happen during the winter because it's too cold.

So those bumps in the night and during the day in non-construction zones could be here for weeks.

It is a hassle; you have to pay for shocks, brakes, Jones said.

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