There is a little device that saves lives, and at the very least, saves some anxious moments for parents. It's called Amber Alert GPS.

For a parent, losing track of a child can be heart stopping

At about 20 minutes, as a parent, that's when the panic starts to set in. The worst thoughts start going through your mind, said Russell Thornton, the founder of Amber Alert GPS.

After losing his 3-year-old son for 45 minutes, he had a stroke of genius: to keep track of them with technology.

GPS is used in cars. It's used to track valuable assets, and there is nothing more important than your kids, so why not a miniature GPS that you can use to find and locate your kids? Thornton said.

The device is smaller than a credit card and about an inch thick. It can be slipped in a backpack or worn on the wrist, in a pocket or on a lanyard around the neck.

Everywhere your child goes, you are able to track his or her movements from a computer or with an app.

If a child were to need help, the press of a button would do it.

It has a single button. We call it an SOS button, and the child can press and hold that, and it will call a designated single number, said Thornton.

The device also has a predator function.

We tie into the national registry of sex offenders, and if your child goes within 500 feet of the address of a registered sex offender, we give you what's called a predator alert, Thornton said.

The device allows you to set distance zones and speed alerts.

It's peace of mind for both parents and children.

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