CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A popular, married Charlotte radio host is stunned to find himself on a dating website.

It's a real life catfishing tale.

Many know Matt Harris as half of the popular Matt and Ramona radio show.

The duo's easy rapport comes naturally after 13 years together in Charlotte.

It s a free-for-all, and I blurt things out that I shouldn t, so it makes it more interesting, Matt jokes.
Things have gotten really interesting lately. The happily married father of two is on a dating website.

No, I m not on a dating website, or shouldn t be anyway. I can tell you, I'm not. If somebody finds me, it s not me.

And yet, we found him.

Someone who found my picture on a website Googled the image, found out it was me and then sent me an email saying, Hey there s some guy using your likeness to try to scam people.

Our Time is for singles over 50.

At first you think, This is awesome, this person is trying to hit on the ladies. He picked my mug to do it with.

Some guy who claims to be in Kansas has created an entire profile using the radio hosts photos.
Ramona is shocked.

How is it that yet another person is pretending to be Matt Harris? Why? He s no George Clooney, you know what I mean?

That s nice of Ramona to say I m not George Clooney. It's true. I m not George Clooney, Matt responds.

Matt's got a sense of humor about it, but gets that it's something to take seriously.

My initial response was, Wow, they must think I m okay looking. But then I realized that this guy is scamming people with my likeness.

Sheryl Winters is an attractive investment banker living in Manhattan.

She joined the dating site on New Year s.

I happened to see this picture of a gentleman named Brad. He had a nice smile, she told us.
He claimed to be a single dad and a widow, but red flags went up when the two started emailing.
There were a little bit of inconsistencies in that his vocabulary wasn't the same as it was initially.
So she did some digging.

I took this Brad Hudson s email, which he had given me, and I plugged it into Google. And what came up was his name associated with a website called Pig Busters.

Pig Busters is a website dedicated to outing scammers and warning potential victims.

I was shocked. I was stymied. I was in disbelief. I thought, What in the world is this? Winters said.

Then she went one step further, Googling one of the photos her potential date had sent her, she found Matt and alerted him. I thought that he had every right to know that his picture was being used.

Matt says, I am baffled this guy has gone to this much trouble, this much work. I don t even know what the end game is.

Ramona has her own unique perspective.

I am stunned. And as someone who has done a little internet dating, it makes you wonder. Are these guys who they say they are? If this has happened to him twice, who knows who else is pretending to be someone who they aren't online?

Both Matt and Sheryl say it's a warning for us all in this social media society.

I don t know how many other women he s talking to using my likeness and reeling them in for whatever reason, maybe he s going after money, I don t know.

A representative from Pig Busters told us when they contacted the man posing as Matt, the man asked for money to be sent overseas.

We checked with police. Even the FBI learned this happens all the time and there is not much you can do. The Better Business Bureau told NBC Charlotte the best advice if this happens to you is to post online that people are using your picture in their profiles. If anyone searched by that image, they will find that statement.

We also tried to get comment from the dating site but never heard back.

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