UNION COUNTY, N.C. Hundreds of Union County parents are taking action against the school board that voted to approve a controversial redistricting plan last week.

The plan will move thousands of students to new schools. The field was packed with parents Sunday who came together to find a way to reverse the school board's redistricting plan.

Parents who spoke during the rally expressed the negative effects of redistricting. Those parents are now forming a group called CAPS (Citizens for Adequate Public Schools) to figure out what to do next.
There s a website created and organizers are collecting donations for a legal fund to sue the school district.

We figured if we can get even just the families affected, 3500, donations of $50 each, it will provide us with $175,000 for the lawsuit. And you have to remember this doesn't just affect the children that are moving, this affects all of their friends, all of their neighbors, said Kim Hillegas a Union County parent.

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