CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Duke Energy is performing a little experiment in Charlotte neighborhoods.

They're injecting chemicals into the ground to stunt the growth of trees so they don't grow into power lines.

Workers are sweeping through Myers Park, Dilworth and Plaza Midwood.

John Lee takes his dog Scout on a nice long walk every day.

It s wonderful. We ve lived all over the country and this is the best place, including Central Park, we ve ever walked a dog, he says.

The longtime Myers Park homeowner is worried the scenery he loves so much is about to change.

When I initially heard about it a week or so ago I was very upset. Frankly I don t want it done in my yard.

He's not the only one. Several of his neighbors are worried about possible side effects from the chemical.

Dottie Dickens told us, I m not sure about that process. I would really want to look into that as far as hurting grandchildren or my shrubs, or all these wonderful things in this area we live in that s so beautiful that we need to protect.

Certified arborist Patrick George says the chemical, Cambistat, has been used safely for years across the country.

It s just like anything. It s a tool. Used properly it s great. Used improperly it can cause big problems.

The stunting chemical material is a lesser evil than the power always being out. Our neighborhood has been without power three times in the last month and the reason we ve been without power is limbs have fallen on the trees because Duke has not maintained the lines.

He's just not convinced this latest plan from the power company is the best one.

A spokeswoman for Duke says homeowners can choose not to have the chemical used on their property and the company is still evaluating whether they will expand the program into other neighborhoods.

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