INDIANTRAIL, N.C. -- 'Good old fashioned police work' led to the arrest of a burglary suspect in Union County Wednesday.

A deputy with the Union County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to a home in the 300 block of Enchanted Drive in response to a breaking, entering and larceny that had just occurred at the home.

The homeowners reported about $5000-worth of jewelry, video games and currency was stolen.

The deputy went door-to-door to see if neighbors saw anything. Two witnesses reported seeing a person walking in the neighborhood, one of whom identified that person as Douglas Michael Bercini. That witness also described Bercini's vehicle as a yellow Volkswagen Beetle.

The deputy then went to Bercini's home and spoke with one of his parents. Meanwhile, a yellow Volkswagen Beetle drove by. They deputy observed Bercini walking back and forth from his vehicle to an area behind another house in the neighborhood.

When Bercini got back into his car, the deputy initiated a traffic stop to investigate the witnessed suspicious activity. As other officers arrived on scene, the area Bercini was walking to behind the house was searched.

Authorities say they found some of the items that were reported stolen from the home on Enchanted Drive.

Bercini, 18, is charged with breaking, entering and larceny.

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