CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A national story offers a stunning reminder to a 2010 Charlotte story.

On Sunday a 16-year-old boy jumped a fence at the San Jose, California, airport and stowed away in the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines plane.

He remained there during a five-hour flight to Hawaii, where upon arrival, he was reportedly dazed and confused, but otherwise healthy.

This seems to be something that s amazing to me. I m surprised that this would happen to again, said Pastor James Woodson, Tisdale family friend, over the phone.

In November 2010, police believe 16-year-old North Meck sophomore Delvonte Tisdale breached Charlotte-Douglas perimeter security. He then stowed away in the wheel well of a flight to Boston. Upon approach, Tisdale fell to his death as the landing gear deployed.

The Tisdales filed a lawsuit against the City of Charlotte, but it was dismissed in 2013. After the incident, CMPD assumed control of airport security, increased patrols and added additional fencing.

But four years later, and despite a fence with razor wire, some believe the perimeter security is still vulnerable. In a few locations, the fence is only a few feet high.

The low fence and simple barbed wire, I think would be maybe not enough to keep someone, who's determined enough, from getting over, said Michael Nunn, visiting the airport lookout with family.

According to the FAA, few people who make it beyond airport fencing, onto the tarmac, and into the wheel well of an airplane survive a flight; since 1947, of 105 recorded stowaways only 25 have survived.

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