MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- It was a day of celebration and pride in Mooresville Thursday as a U.S Army Colonel retired after three decades in service.

With family and friends, along with fellow veterans, he embraced the new chapter of his life.

Richard's Coffee House and Military Museum is where he chose to have his retirement ceremony and celebration as it's a place where veterans gather and feel at home.

Many in the crowd were part of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, who have ridden along with Colonel Foster to raise money for charities over the years.

Colonel Foster was honored for serving for 31 years in the U.S Army, including three overseas tours in Kuwait and Iraq.

His wife and daughter were also honored for supporting him while serving overseas for long periods of time and in war combat danger. But Foster says he was proud to do it for over three decades.

When you look back on it you really didn't think it was a sacrifice because you took an oath of office, believe in what you did, turned very patriotic cause that's your job, and when you look back you go, 'I guess it did', and like I've told many people I never considered myself a hero, but I knew some, said Colonel Foster.

Retired Colonel Foster says he'll figure out from here what work he wants to do, but for sure he'll stay very active with veterans in the Charlotte area.

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