CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Fewer charter schools will be allowed to open in North Carolina after a major debacle at a Charlotte school earlier this year left hundreds of students with no place to attend class.

Betty Leake is grateful for the peace and quiet with just her and her great niece in the house today.
The last time NBC Charlotte visited last month, her special needs son Zmari was home, too. He'd just found out his school would be abruptly closing and was having a tough time.

It was really difficult, didn't realize it until we actually saw the school close and that s when it really hit us that this was real... trying to explain to him this was real-- was a challenge, she says.

StudentFirst Academy was forced to close last month with just a few weeks of school to go amid money troubles and accusations of mismanagement.

And that debacle is at least part of the reason the North Carolina Charter School Advisory Board approved far fewer new charter schools this year than last.

I think it s great, means they did a little more research, checked some backgrounds and make sure they were thorough and did their due diligence. So, I think that s a great thing they should do that all the time.

The board approved just 11 applications out of an initial 71. Last year they approved more than double that from the same number of applications.

Leake says, That means we did a great job at blowing the whistle and letting them know this is not acceptable and we can't afford to let this happen again.

Still, she says, she remains a charter school fan.

Her son moved to a new one when StudentFirst closed.

The State School Board still has to approve the charter school applications.

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