CHARLOTTE, N.C. Terrence Darden, 21, is recovering at Carolinas Medical Center today after a foot chase nearly turned fatal.

Officers with the Focused Mission Team were patrolling the Timber Ridge Apartments when they saw a group of men hanging out near the memorial for fallen officers, Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton.
The three officers approached the group and that s when things got suspicious.
Someone threw something under the car, the officer approached them and this guy took off running, said Police Chief Rodney Monroe.
Officers say at some point Darden pulled out a gun and threatened Officer Thomas Wishon with the weapon.Officer Wishon opened fire and shot Darden in the back.
Dr. Vivian Lord, head of UNCC s Criminal Justice Department, says the fact that Darden was shot in the back doesn t mean the shooting was not justified.
Is he pointing it at me, is he pointing it at my fellow officers, she explains. They were in a chase so it was not possible for the officer to suddenly find cover, so it doesn t directly have to be pointed at individual officers.
Chief Monroe believes the officer was doing his job.
An officer s life was threatened, he said. An officer has to perform his duties to protect the lives of the public, but also their own lives.
Monroe says the shooting at Timber Ridge brings back bad memories for his department because of the loss of Shelton and Clark.He also says the incident shouldn t reflect on that community because the suspect and the men who were with him do not live there.
Officer Wishon is a four year veteran of the department and has been placed on paid administrative leave while the case is being investigated.

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