CHARLOTTE, N.C -- A 2-year-oldboy that was shotlast week has died.

AmiasRobinson was hit by a stray bulletduring an argument on Eastbrook Road lastThursday.

Policehad already arrested and charged Alvin Alexander, 34,with assault with a deadly weapon.

Alexander is now charged with murder.

Police say the toddler was not Alexander's intended target, and the shooting was the result of a dispute between two groups of acquaintances.

The shooting was reported at about 9 p.m. at 5816 Eastbrook Road, in the Hampshire Hills neighborhood between The Plaza and Old Concord Road.

A neighbor says he's suprised something like this happened where he lives.

It's very quiet and peaceful, everybody mind their own business and do what they gotta do, says neighbor Shadrach Brown. That right there is surprising, it's not something you see every day

Police said the child was hit at least once and rushed to Carolinas Medical Center. He had been outside in a stroller in front of a one-story brick house when the shooting happened.

Neighbors said they heard six or seven gunshots. Although the shooting was at first reported as a drive-by, police said they didn't know if the shots came from a car or someone standing near a car.

A woman, identified by neighbors as the child's mother, arrived at the scene and collapsed on the ground when officers told her what had happened.

No, no, no! she screamed. Not the baby!

Thursday night, officers combed the surrounding area for suspects, and searchlights from a police helicopter crisscrossed the neighborhood. Alexander was arrested early Friday morning.

Greg Little was watching the Panthers game a few doors down when he heard the shots.

The Panthers were just about to get the ball back for the second time, Little said. Then I heard what sounded like firecrackers. Then, not five minutes past, I heard the ambulance.

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