CHARLOTTE, N.C. Women dealing with domestic violence, drug abuse and homelessness in Charlotte will have more access to aid due to a new partnership between two local non-profit agencies.

Regina Scott was out of options.

I had nowhere else to go, she says.

So she found refuge at Dove s Nest, a shelter that treats women for substance abuse problems.

The tiny, three bedroom home is tucked away in a popular Dilworth neighborhood.

It is also the last stop for many women, the only way they can avoid being homeless.

The women sleep four to a room, in bunk beds, and there is always a waiting list.

United Family Services, a non-profit that helps victims of domestic violence, has also had to turn women away.

Now, the two non-profits, Charlotte Rescue Mission s Dove s Nest and United Family Services have joined forces.

It s not about steel, bricks and mortar, it s about changing lives, says Rev. Tony Marciano, the head of Charlotte Rescue Mission.

They are building a campus for women in crisis that will quadruple the size of each program.

Thursday, they signed the paperwork to make it happen.

It allows us to leverage the dollars much further, says Jean Davis of United Family Services. It means we can house more people at a lower cost, means we ask for less from the community.

It also means that women like Regina will get the help they need.

Work on the new campus will be on West Boulevard will begin next week.

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