LOWELL, N.C. -- Residents in a Lowell retirement community who feared a wall of mud and trees would crush their homes are going to be getting some help.

NBC Charlotte reporter Rad Berky first reported on the problem last week at the Magnolia Place retirement community.

The wall of mud that is topped with several large trees was left behind by a builder who vanished and never finished the second phase of the development.

The top of the wall of mud where the trees are is just feet from I-85.

The Mayor of Lowell, Larry Simonds, said after the NBC Charlotte story last week, the North Carolina Department of Transportation stepped forward and said it planned to at least cut down the trees that are in danger of falling on the homes below.

That s an answer to a prayer, said long time resident Mary Cornelius.

The Mayor said cutting the trees was a step in the right direction.

Now we have to concentrate on the bank and we will go through our nuisance ordinance on that,

Laura Barnette lives in one of the units closest to the wall. The trees tower over her backyard.

Well, it s scary, she said.

As for going out in her yard, she said, I don t do that too often.

The Mayor said he expected work on cutting the trees would begin in the next week or so.

The people are the ones that are going to be blessed by this, Simonds said.

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