ROCKHILL, S.C. -- The Rock Hill Police Department says they arrested a man Wednesday with more than 40 baggies of marijuana stashed in his underwear.

Rock Hill Police arrested 26-year-old Kim Leonard Grafton, Jr., of Rock Hill, Wednesday following a traffic stop for an improper wide turn on Saluda Street.

When officers approached the vehicle they could smell a strong odor of marijuana, the police report states.

When the driver, Emory McCullough, was asked for his driver's license, insurance and registration, police say he opened the glove box and Grafton reached for a semi-automatic handgun inside the compartment; the officers drew their service weapons and asked the men to step out the vehicle.

When police searched McCullough, he was found to have about five grams of marijuana, individually-bagged, on his person, police say.

Initially, when officers searched Grafton, he came up clean, according to the report. When both men were in the back of the patrol car, the report states officers could still smell pot. When Grafton was pulled from the vehicle, the odor went away, police say. That prompted officers to confront Grafton with the fact they knew he had marijuana on his person, and they would apply for a search warrant if necessary.

That's when, according to police, Grafton admitted to having weed in his rectum.

The men were transported to the Rock Hill City Jail, where Grafton underwent a strip search. Officers report finding 41 individually-wrapped baggies of marijuana in the groin area of Grafton's underwear, along with $315 in cash.

Police also say Grafton told officers the firearm, which was seized as evidence, in the vehicle belonged to his mother. Officers also seized Grafton's marijuana-themed t-shirt.

McCullough was charged with possession of marijuana.

Grafton was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

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