CALDWELL COUNTY, N.C. A bone found in the woods during a search Wednesday is being tested to see if itbelongs toZahra Baker, the missing 10 year-old who police believe was murdered.

Searchers found the bone in an area where hunters often dispose of deer carcasses.

Investigators think it could be human and itwill be tested atthe State Medical Examiner s Office.

Hickory policereported the find after spendingpartof Wednesdaydraining a pond near Christie Road and searching the woods near that pond. A prosthetic leg that belonged to the 10-year-old cancer survivor was found at a searchsiteoffin the arealast Wednesday.

Pastor Nicky Waters from nearby Poovey's Chapel Baptist Church lives near the search site and he's seen investigators combing the area.

Looking at and under everything they see, Waters said. Sometimes people put animal carcasses beside the road, there's an area down there where there are no houses, so in the dark of night they kind of throw their trash out.

Zahra Baker s stepmother, Elisa Baker, used to live near that search site as well.She is currently in jail, charged with obstruction of justice, for allegedly writing a ransom note that was found at her home the day Zahra was reported missing.

On Tuesday, a man who goesby the name Eric Gein of sharedtwo letters, allegedly written by Elisa Baker from her jail cell,with NewsChannel 36.

In the letters, Elisa Baker places blame for Zahra s disappearance on the girl s father, Adam Baker.

He knows what's happened to Zahra and yet I m the one here at least for now, the letter says.

She also says that Zahra isn t missing but that she and her husband didn t kill the 10-year-old.

We didn't really kill her but what he did after the fact is kinda horrifying. Makes me scared of him.

If Baker's words are true, legal experts say it shows Baker has knowledge of what happened.

That, experts say, is enough knowledge to rule herself out or blame someone else.

If she knows enough to write that then she must know something about what happened, sources said.

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