CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Salisbury couple aboard a Royal Caribbean ship that hit rough seas tells NewsChannel 36 the experience was harrowing.

Beds were flying, people were flying out of their was a catastrophe, Deborah Sprague said.

Deborah and her husband George were on board the cruise to celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary. The trip would take them to Sicily, Rondo, Malta, and Alexandria, Egypt to see the pyramids.

It was 2:30 AM Sunday when the ship, approaching Alexandria, Egypt, came upon a wave that rolled the cruise liner. Deborah Sprague said the captain later told them the ship tilted at a 15 degree angle.

People were seeing water coming up to the windows, she said. Doors were flying, televisions were coming off the wall.

In all, Royal Caribbean later said 105 were injured. Most had just cuts and bruises, but two people had fractures.

You'd see a few people walking around with slings, George said.

The Spragues were not injured. Their cabin didn't have power, but Royal Caribbean moved them to a suite on another floor.

I can't enough about Royal Caribbean, Deborah Sprague said. The captain, the crew--they were great.

All travelers were reimbursed for the trip, and given an extra $200 for their trouble.

The Spragues say many of the passengers still left very angry. Some even got off the ship at the next stop.

We have a good time no matter what. We're alive, we're well, we have each other, Deborah said. We had some inconveniences, but I'm just thankful I'm alive and well.

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