Hello Everybody!

Most people don t know this, but I ve had to deal with bad skin for a very long time, since I was a teenager. We re talking not only very oily, but cystic acne, the kind that s painful and lasts weeks. From what you see of me on TV, my skin looks clear. It s taken a lot of work to get there.

While my acne has taken a lot of prescription medication and topical treatments, I found a freebie from ZAPZYT. They re offering sample tubes of their benzoyl peroxide treatment, a common and quite effective over the counter topical treatment for acne. Get your sample here.

I would encourage any teenager or adult struggling with acne to seek treatment from a dermatologist. I resisted going for years, and finally, when I decided to get treatment, my life changed completely. My previous station was high-definition, and with treatment I was no longer self-conscious anchoring or reporting. Instead of obsessing over my skin, I could focus on the news and delivering it to viewers.

Next, I have a pretty creative offer from the Safe Water Science. This is a great offer for your kids or grandkids, or kids in your neighborhood to do an education experiment. With the tsunami disaster in Japan, and other world disasters, emergency workers purify water. You can send away for a water purification kit to show kids how the process works. (Hey, I d like to know too!)

Lastly, another awesome magazine deal, this one from Harper s Bazaar. You can get yourself an entire year s subscription for just $3.39! Already, the subscription at Best Deal Magazines is $3.99, but with coupon code PXCJ410, you can get it for $3.39! Click here for the site.

Enjoy the rest of the warm, summer-like day, and I ll see on the tube at 4 p.m. and 5:30!

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