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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Some of you may not know this, but NewsChannel 36 anchor Kellie Patterson is a bit of a reality star. She was on season 10 of The Amazing Race .

Kellie and her friend Jamie were cheerleaders at the University of South Carolina when they appeared on the show in 2006. The Amazing Race is a show where 12 teams race around the world to compete for $1 million. Friends Tyler and James won the top prize.

The entire trip for the taping of the show lasted six weeks. Lucky for Kellie and Jamie, it was during the summer so they didn't miss school.

Some people quit their jobs to be on the show. Some just took a leave of absence, Kellie said.

After a lengthy interview process, Kellie and Jamie got the call to pack their bags.

They didn t tell us where we were going. They just said be at the airport at this time and this gate, Kellie said.

They later learned they would start the leg in Seattle.

We spent about a week and a half in Seattle for safety training and pre-production meetings before the first leg started, Kellie said.

Teams then flew to China. They are allowed to pack all the hygiene products and clothes they wanted to carry, but no cell phones, GPS systems or cameras are allowed.

We packed toilet paper, Kellie said. It was a good negotiating tool with the other teams in China because they didn t have any.

After climbing the Great Wall of China, Kellie and Jamie checked in as the sixth team to arrive at the pit stop.

Teams then traveled by train to Mongolia. Kellie and Jamie were eliminated after getting lost.

They were then flown to an undisclosed location outside the United States where they stayed until taping of the show was finished. They could only leave the hotel with a chaperone.

Would Kellie do it again?

In a heartbeat, she said. Other teams that made it further aren t as quick to say yes, but we got eliminated early and I would definitely do it again.

Two weeks ago Kellie flew to Miami for a reunion with everyone from past seasons.

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