CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The big spring storms may be a distant memory, but roofers are still combing the neighborhoods of south Charlotte asking to inspect roofs for hail damage.

Donna DeCesare tells NewsChannel 36 that roofing companies are at the door, on the phone, and stuffing the mail tube weekly, so much so that it has become annoying.

DeCesare became suspicious of the tactics and so did some of her neighbors.

The companies approaching them may not have been bad, but their overwhelming sales pitch scared a few people, enough so that NewsChannel 36 started asking questions about why they are putting on the full court press.

A local roofing company told NewsChannel 36 that competition is tough in this bad economy and that many companies are using more aggressive sales techniques to get business.

With a product like a roof, you really depend on and need quality roofers to be fair, accurate, and honest, DeCesare said. And that s the dilemma, because I can t get up there to inspect it myself.

Tom Bartholomy is President of the Charlotte Better Business Bureau and says to be cautious of the people using these forceful sales pitches as some of these companies are not even local roofing companies.

Bartholomy told NewsChannel 36 that these companies, May have only been in the Charlotte market a few days and they often surface from other parts of the country.

The Better Business Bureau of Charlotte says you should dig deeper and raise red flags if the unknown roofer at your door has an out-of-state area code and out-of-state plates on their vehicle.

You should also be asking them how long they have been in the market and for recent jobs they have completed in the immediate area that you could see in person.

Locally, the BBB Charlotte saw 112,475 inquiries on roofing contractors just in the last 12 months, but only 182 complaints were actually filed.

BBB Charlotte says with more than 200 roofing companies in the area, 182 complaints for the year, isn t all that bad.

If you want to check out a company you are doing business with, go to

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