CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Three families in Ballantyne had to find another place to stay Sunday night after a water leak forced them out of their apartments.

Firefighters said the three families were home just before 8 p.m. when water literally started raining from the ceiling in the first and second floor apartments below the leak.

Capt. Michael Gerin of Charlotte Fire Department said the leak was in a main pipe feeding water to the apartments. Firefighters shut off water to the building until the source of the leak could be found, then isolated the leak.

The two lower apartments had standing water on their floors at one point, said Capt. Gerin. Firefighters used inflatable pools to collect some of the water, but the apartments had significant damage.

Most of the damage is water damage, said Gerin. It affects their personal items and the building itself, the sheet rock and things of that nature.

Firefighters worked quickly to minimize damage to personal property in the apartments, said Gerin.

We were able to salvage some personal items, throw some tarps over their TVs and all their personal effects and salvage most of their stuff, said Gerin.

Two of those families from those apartments have found another place to stay the night, and the Red Cross is helping the third. Power is off to the three apartments, but the rest of the apartments in the building are unaffected by the leak.

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