YORKCOUNTY, S.C. -- It was dark in York County but you didn t need to see much to realize Wednesday's storm was devastating.

Kevin Sinclair and his wife saw the twister land. I watched it for a few minutes to see what direction it was coming - it looked like it was coming straight for us, said Sinclair.

Fortunately his home was spared but others in this tight knit rural community near Highway 324 and Williamson Road weren t so lucky.

York County Sheriff s Department Spokesman, Lieutenant Mike Baker said, At this time we are only going to confirm that there are three fatalities, the identifications are not being released at this time.

Deputies estimated the twister struck six or seven homes over a three-quarter mile radius. One of those homes belonged to Sinclair s mother-in-law.

My wife looked at towards her mother s house and there was nothing left of it so we immediately came down here and found her in the middle of the house, said Sinclair.

She was still alive but partially buried under rubble.

Her legs were under the bathtub trapped. There was a few people lifted up the bathtub, got if off her legs. E.M.S. and fire department showed up, cut branches off her, got her out safe, said Sinclair.

She was one of five people taken to the hospital and is expected to recover.

Me and my wife and two children are lucky cause if it would have hit our house we probably would have ended up like our neighbors, honestly, said Sinclair.

Because of the darkness, investigators won t be able to fully assess the damage until Thursday morning.

Governor Nikki Haley has already pledged to provide whatever help is required.

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