HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. Eagle fans can now watch live video on as Carolina Raptor Center s Bald Eagle Savannah and Derek prepare their nest.

CLICK HERE to view the live camera

Thanks to a partnership between Carolina Raptor Center and WCNC, throughout the next few months people will be able to watch a live video stream from inside the aviary at Carolina Raptor Center.

According to Bird Curator Amber Rosintoski, the nesting process for Savannah and Derek is pretty standard.

Because they are already a proven mated pair who have successfully hatched and raised young, we don t have to do anything special to encourage them to lay eggs, Rosintoski said. We have provided plenty of nesting materials sticks and mulch for them to build their nest. We are also trying to keep the environment as calm and quiet as possible.

If you watch the live cam early in the morning, shortly after sunrise, you ll see Savannah and Derek get fed. They receive food once a day in the morning. They get vitahawk on their food every other day and calcium on any fish that they are fed. Research indicates that the freshest meat available is best while they are breeding. So although they do not get live prey, they are fed freshly defrosted food and not food that has been around for a while. The bald eagles are fed a varied diet including fish, rats, chicks and sometimes squirrel.

Each day Savannah and Derek continue to work on building their nest. The pair made some progress on the nest Friday and you can now see a well where Savannah will hopefully lay her eggs.

Last year Savannah laid her first egg on January 26, 2011. Because the nest pocket was so deep, it was difficult to determine when the second egg was laid and almost impossible to see from any angle. Two eaglets hatched, however, one on March 4 and one on March 6.

Both eaglets survived for a long period of time, making CRC staff believe that we might have two eaglets to release in May. However, the second eaglet was found dead in the nest and removed when staff went to feed the eaglets on March 31, 2011.

Kinsey was moved to the hack tower on April 21, 2011 with two orphaned eaglets that were about the same age. After the doors were opened on May 12, 2011, the birds spent another three weeks in and out of the tower before the last sighting on June 8, 2011.

Stay with for the latest updates on Savannah and Derek.

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