CHARLOTE, N.C. -- Thanks to my friend Bernadette and web producer extraordinaire for the heads up on this first deal for free cereal.

She saw on the Today show an offer for a free mini box of Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal! In addition to getting a box for yourself, you ll also be able to sign up 10 friends for a free box too! Just click the like button at their Facebook page.

Free Nasal Sanitizer: HUH? I didn t know people could sanitize their noses! But according to this company, Nozin Nasal Sanitizer, you indeed can! It s supposed to clear your nasal passages of germs and bacteria to prevent you from getting sick. Just take a short survey.

The folks from Purex Triple Action Detergent have a new promotion for a sample load of laundry detergent. Check it out, along with a short promotional video here.

Use the code 8018 at checkout to get a whole YEAR subscription to Fitness Magazine for just $3.99. That s about the price of just one issue on newsstands!

Meantime, if Fitness isn t your style, how about one of my favorite travel magazines! It features a lot of discounts and tricks and tips on how to get the best rates and discounts on hotels and airfare. Make sure to use the code BUDGETSAVE at checkout!

For a limited time, use this coupon here for $6 off any Tena product, which should make the item you choose free, or pretty darn close to free!

As always, if you see the offer change, or becomes not available, it s only because supplies are limited and sometimes the deals run out early. No worries, chances are the offer will pop up again in another form, and I ll let you know here on Dion s Daily Deals.

See you on TV tonight for deals at 4 p.m., then on the news at 5, 5:30 and 11 p.m.

If you ever have an offer you want everyone to know about, feel free to email me.

PS: Don t forget to get your three free bagels from Bruegger s on February 9!

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