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Hey everyone! This is Emily Joy again from season 13 of the 'Biggest Loser'! Keep tuning in -- I love having all my North Carolina support!

So, it was another action-packed week at the Biggest Loser Ranch. Fresh off sending Gail home, we were immediately confronted with the surprise return of the Aqua Team -- Adrian and Daphne.

Some behind-the-scenes action here: That first night at the elimination challenge everybody assumed the Aqua team lost out on their chance to be on the ranch. Little did we know they would be given the opportunity to return provided they could lose a combined 50 pounds. Once I heard of this stipulation I was really nervous for them because that s a tall order to fill. Losing 50 pounds at home is not easy! Their success at home was very impressive to me and I was excited to have either one of them on my team.

When it came time to choose trainers I would have been just like Daphne, fighting to get Bob! Isn t it obvious people? I m in love with Bob Harper!!

Speaking of my love, Bob Harper, what did you all think of the Fran WOD ? WOD stands for Work-Out of the Day and don t be fooled by the sweet female name, Fran, because the workout is not sweet at all! This workout is timed and consists of two exercises, weighted squat thrusters and box chin-ups. It doesn t sound too bad, but when you have to do each exercise 21 times, then 15 times, then another 9 times you can see why we all end up crying on the floor! And yet we still leave the gym loving Bob and his whacky workouts.

Now, let s talk about this challenge in the sand! Oh my gosh, this was the toughest challenge yet! I mean running in the sand at 235 pounds is no easy feat. It looks fun, and if this was gym class in high school I d be having a ball, but I m racing around thinking only about the advantage the winner will have at the weigh-in. So yet again the pressure of a challenge is getting the best of my team and unfortunately we lose our lead and ultimately lose the challenge.

Although we didn t have the advantage of choosing the player who would sit out for each team, we (just barely) took this weigh-in and got another win under our belt. Not having to worry about who to send home was a huge relief for me. I ll leave that burden up to the Red Team this week.

Okay Charlotte, your girl has earned her way to another week on the ranch! 5 more pounds down YAY!! Tune in next Tuesday at 8! Until next time, Peace and love --


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