KANNAPOLIS, N.C. -- U.S. Air Force Airman Josh Courtney took a 12-day leave from Italy to come home to see his Grandma Pearl on her 75th birthday in September. But the real surprise came when Josh s cell phone bill arrived in October and said he owed $622.

No, this is like $60 a day, grandmother Pearl Courtney said. This can t be right. And we were like, Why?

As it turns out, Josh had upgraded his phone, and the upgrade in service mistakenly changed the terms of his AT&T contract which had included a contract freeze when he s out of the country.

He was suddenly, and without warning, hit with a $300 contract cancellation fee and a bill that also exceeded $300.

Josh Gelinas is with AT&T wireless.

AT&T provides special military cell phone cancellation contracts, and I believe his was just overlooked, said Gelinas. Now we were able to make it right.

Josh s account is now what it should be, a zero balance, and the contract is back to what it was, suspended when he s out of the country.

It means Grandma Pearl can get back to doing what this grandmother s do best, worrying about her grandson.

AT&T is among several corporations that pledged to collectively hire 100,000 active duty military members who leave the service and other veterans by the end of 2020.

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