INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. -- The Secret Service recently showed up unexpectedly at an Indian trail family's home, and agents say it happened because the family left themselves wide open for an unseen threat.

Preacher Daniel Randolph was shocked when NewsChannel 36 told him his neighbor s computer prompted a visit from the Secret Service.

Wow, wow, I didn t know that, that s amazing. That s something else, he said.

The agents were investigating threats made against the President. They traced those threats to a computer inside the Randolph s home. Turns out someone had actually used his open wi-fi connection.

Randolph had left his wi-fi unprotected. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officers worked with the Secret Service on the electronic crimes task force and tell NewsChannel 36 it happens all the time.

You can go in any neighborhood and look at how many open wi-fi people hadn t secured and you can log onto, said CMPD officer Chris McNeil.

NewsChannel 36 drove around the Indian Trail neighborhood using an iPhone to see if we could get access to the wireless internet through an unsecure connection. There was at least one unsecured wi-fi connection on every street.

Police say it s a simple fix. Make sure to use a password because no one wants to unexpectedly open the door to the Secret Service. NewsChannel 36 also got some good advice on creating passwords.

Authorities say a password should be at least nine letters long and be a mix of upper case, lower case, and some special characters.

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