CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A new gas station coming to Woodlawn Road could give drivers a break on gas prices, but other gas station owners feel it could put family-owned gas stations out of business.

QuikTrip plans to build a gas station at the old Murphy s restaurant site, which would make five gas stations in roughly one block of Woodlawn Road from Old Pineville Road to Nations Crossing Road.

Denis Arnautovic owns the Citgo Pop Shoppe on Woodlawn and Old Pineville. His mother runs the cash register.

We're not doing great, Arnautovic said. I'm not against competition, but this is over saturating the market. There just isn t that much traffic to support five stores.

Arnautovic says family-owned gas stations can't compete against QuikTrip, which is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our competition happens to own 600 stores and employ 10,000 employees. It's impossible for us to run the same prices as they will have the option to do with such capital, so it's not a fair competition, Arnautovic said.

It will probably force me out of business, to be honest, said Charles Shah who owns the Sunoco.

Shah has the same concerns. His gas station will sit right next to QuikTrip.

Everybody will be out of business. That's how they run their prices on the gas, Shah said.

QuikTrip says it picked the area due in part to the traffic on Woodlawn Road. Competition is healthy, and the consumer ends up the winner.

QuikTrip is new to Charlotte and is in the process of building six gas stations in the greater Charlotte area.

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