CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Concord-based band the Avett Brothers shot to fame in recent years with appearances on the Grammys and all the late night talk shows.

But most people don't know the lead singer is also an incredible painter. He sat down for an exclusive interview with NewsChannel 36 as he helped ready a special show of his work in Charlotte.

I tend to compare the two and find similarities now more than I used to, he says of both his painting and his music.

He says both come from the same place, and he s recently realized there s no sense compartmentalizing the different parts of his life.

He is a storyteller, no matter what the medium.

I kind of opened the doors to my life and tell that story through the paintings, through music, through lyrics, through song. I think that's part of my service in telling stories is narrating my life, he added.

The stories, he says, have changed in recent years.

He started playing banjo around the age of 21. For a long time he lived the rock star life, travelling and touring.

Now he is married, with two young kids and seems to have settled down a bit.

I think the words friends and family, which were very small, he added. They were much smaller words for me 10 years ago, so the definition of friends and family has expanded quite a bit for me and I attempt to see it in a broader way.

He is part rock star, part painter, full-time family man and admits, all the lines now blur. But they blur in a way that translates beautifully in music and on the canvas.

The public can see Avett s art Saturday at the Morrison Condominiums, located at 532 Governor Morrison Street in Charlotte s SouthPark neighborhood.

The exhibit, titled The Paintings of Scott Avett: Exploring Story and Spirituality, will be preceded by a private reception and fundraiser on Friday. Avett will discuss how his faith journey and spiritual life inform his art.

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