CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Getting to school will be a little different during the Democratic National Convention for kids who live in uptown Charlotte.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School police officers are going door-to-door to ensure everyone knows where they need to be.

Approximately 400 students live inside the Interstate 277 loop. For three days during the convention, they'll be taking different bus routes. In most cases they ll have to get to a shuttle stop for those few days.

NewsChannel 36 went along with officers Friday as they went through the First Ward neighborhood, knocking on doors, trying to reach as many parents as possible.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools adjusted more than 300 bus routes. They want to make sure everything goes smoothly in the second week of school.

I m hearing about my different bus stop, my grandmother was telling me how my bus stops are weird, said Piedmont Middle Schooler Tyre Flood.

I m going be going over there the first week and then I m going to be catching the bus at first ward so I thought it was a little weird at first, he said.

Tyre says after a CMS officer showed up at his home to explain, it made a lot more sense.

Authoritieis tell NewsChannel 36 they ll work through the weekend trying to reach as many families as possible.

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