CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- New information has been released on changes post office in the Charlotte area because of the Democratic National Convention.

NewsChannel 36 learned the post office will change some of its routes inside the restricted zone. Officials also say they're taking away some blue collection boxes during the event.

During the convention, customers can use the downtown post office on McDowell Street.

Effective August 27, collection boxes in the following locations will be removed, and mail chutes will be sealed:

526 Church St. 128 S. Tryon St. Inside and Outside

600 E. 4th St. 212 S. Tryon St. Inside and Outside

800 E. 4th St. 320 S. Tryon St. - Mail Chute

301 E. 5th St. 400 S. Tryon St.

501 N. Church St. 600 S. Tryon St.- Mail Chute

110 N. Church St./Fronts 101 N Tryon-chute 112 S. Tryon St. - Mail Chute

701 N. College St. 121 W. Trade St.

100 N. Tryon St. (B of A) - Mail chute 227 W. Trade St. - Mail Chute

214 N. Tryon St. (Hearst Bldg) 901 W. Trade St. - Mail Chute

401 N. Tryon St. 129 W. Trade St./ Outside 123 Church St. S.

112 S. Tryon St. 421 W. 4th St.

300 S. Brevard St. - Mail Chute 1001 Morehead St. (Morehead Square)

301 S. Brevard St.- Wall 1123 S. Church St./Rowe Bldg, Carson Blvd

222 S. Church St. 1400 S. Mint St.

323 S. Church St. 1003 s. Tryon St.

200 S. College St. Brevard & 4th St. - Transit Mall

201 S. College St. - Wall 301 S. McDowell St. - Cameron Brown Bldg

301 S. College St. - Mail Chute 5501 R.C. Josh Birmingham Highway

112 S. Tryon St. 5502 R.C. Josh Birmingham Highway

Additionally, customers inside the restricted zone have been notified of the changes to their delivery methods for the applicable period.

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