YORK, S.C. -- Elizabeth Boyd's father is a utility worker and was called to work in New York helping to restore power, and it does not appear that he will be back home anytime soon.

Now it looks like Boyd and dozens of his co-workers will not be home for a while, meaning he won't be in his home state of South Carolina on Election Day. Nor will he be able to cast an absentee ballot.

He got the call Wednesday night. He was going to go up to help with the storm...he works with the utilities company, said Boyd. He left first thing Thursday morning. They drove all day Thursday; they been up there ever since...they've been sleeping in the back of 18-wheelers and cots working 10, 15, 20 hours a day.

State law requires that voters apply for an absentee ballot with the Elections Commission to vote in person before election day or by mail.

There are a record number of voters who fit one of the 17 requirements to vote absentee. One requirement was having the application filed by Friday's deadline, which Boyd was not able to do.

She said her father did not think he would be gone almost a week when he got the call to help and now he has been shut out of the process.

My mom talked to him a couple days ago and she just realized, Oh, you're not going to be able to vote, said Boyd. It's not fair, it seems unfair that people from down here are doing the right thing and helping their brothers that need help but yet they're being denied their American rights.

NBC Charlotte contacted the County Election Commission and found out that there is no provision for any voter who has to leave the state at the last minute and is unable to cast their vote. The board says hundreds of workers who went to the northeast to help with Hurricane Sandy came by the commission to apply for absentee ballot before their trip.

We do encourage anyone who may have to travel if they think that they may be called out of town due to employment reasons to come fill out an application first, said Wanda Hemphill, Director York County Election Commission.

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